Kickbacks and Referral Fees

Landscape Architecture at its best - money under the table no-no

Here’s an issue we run across frequently: Kickbacks and Referral FeesWhat’s the difference between the two?First off, we can define a kickback as a payment to someone solely for making something happen for the benefit of the payer, generally related to business. The word kickback is often used in the same breath right before or […]

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What’s all this about grading?

Landscape Architecture at its best - Engle plan

A few thoughts…Time to explore a few ideas on topographic relief, and some of the opportunities it provides. While not an exhaustive look, it hopefully can start a dialogue. Comment as you like. Grading is to the basic components of landscape as Hollandaise Sauce is to the five Mother Sauces of classical French cuisine. Without going too […]

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How do you know what to ask a contractor or a consultant – to be sure they’re the right choice for you?

Portfolio DBLA Knot Garden Nantucket Union 2

The three questions for the best takeaways… The three questions for the best takeaways I would offer after decades in the business are listed below. And these go equally well for a builder or an architect or anyone else with whom you consider trusting your project, your money and your time.Question #1:What projects have you done that […]

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What is a landscape architect, anyway?

Porfolio DBLA Public Park at Cordaville 3

what is a landscape architect? OK, so A LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT BRINGS PROFESSIONAL ARTISTIC AND TECHNICAL SKILLS TO HELP shape THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT. That means…A landscape architect works on a team with building architects and engineers. Or they work independently.Landscape architects plan how a space will be used to its best potential. They design how that space […]

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Porfolio DBLA Landscape Nantucket Pochick ©

LOOKING FOR GOOD INFO ABOUT MAKING YOUR LANDSCAPE SNAZZY? Or maybe you just want it to function better and reflect your lifestyle or work environment. Maybe your landscape needs more privacy, or it should allow you the room and the equipment you need to cook and eat comfortably outside with more than your basic grill? Maybe […]

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